I was completely dissatisfied with the service provided. I don’t even think what I paid for was even done. I told the owner, David Cerda, exactly what I wanted to have done and the result I was looking for. I told him to tell me what he thought it would take and we would go with it. It was left in his hands without really any limitation on my end. The reason I hired someone to do it is because I don’t have the time. I expected a company charging people for lawn care would be run by professionals and I would get the result I paid for. This was not the reality. I could have easily done it for less money with for better results. I literally saw no more than a 5% improvement. I had the side of my house and the whole backyard treated for weeds and also the entire backyard seeded combined with aeration and verticutting, or at least that what was supposed to be done. Watering was properly done. So, it eliminates any problem on my end. What I thought was going to be the easiest result to achieve, killing the weeds, was limited at best. My backyard became almost entirely crabgrass 2 weeks after he supposedly seeded it. I had to cut my lawn twice as much because of how quickly the crabgrass grew. My lawn is worse this year than last year. Now I have to either do it myself or find a real professional to take care of it. I tried calling David to take care of the problem. I reached him 1 time and told him I wouldn’t be paying for the “work”” until it was fixed or actually done correctly. He has not even attempted to fix his mistake or do what he was supposed to in the first place. It is a form of stealing if you pay someone for a job that ends up not being done. Don’t get ripped off from Kansas Turfmasters and David Cerda. This company is a joke.”

10104 W 70th Street Merriem, Kansas USA