Complaint: I am a current student at Kaplan and the professors there are a joke. They either do not know what they are trying to teach or have no background in the field. Ex: I am taking a payroll accounting class as an elective and I had a conflict with a couple of my answers on my quiz. Not only could she not give me answers, 1 of the answers that she WAS able to give me, was wrong. This is not the only time this has happened. It took me several times emailing her the same questions before she finally emailed me back. Every class that we have had so far, this is the 2nd day of week 6, there has been “tech issues”” with the class which she will make us still sit through and she will type it all out. Last night’s class consisted of zero audio. Went to go back and read the class today so that I can get the help on the McGraw stuff

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Address: and only the first 15 minutes of class was recorded. What kind of help is that? This is not the only professor that has had classes or responded like this. I still have an unanswered question from unit 5 in my email… This is crap. Financial aid

Website: I would have been almost 5 thousand dollars short of graduations. Why would they do that to their students? I have noticed that I also pay for room and board. I am an online only student. I live in Ohio and I am classing out of IA. My “”advisors”” suck. I have gone through several of them. Each one says sorry for the way that the last has treated me and promises to be better. No such luck. I have been talked to rudely and degraded. I have tried joining several of the community groups there as well. The Google format they are using is hard to navigate and I cannot get any help with I call/email the student center. They don’t email me back.. They keep kicking the automated email of “”we will get back to you within 48 hrs””. If I call they say everything is as it should be even though my homepage doesn’t show that. I have requested my major to be changed 3 times now and I filled out the paperwork and faxed it in already and it has yet to be changed. I have called and reported this issue a couple times as well.”

Phone: do not get me started on that. If I would not have called financial aid myself