SAN ANTONIO, BEXAR COUNTY, DO NOT VOTE FOR JUDGE KAREN CROUCH! | If it wasn’t bad enouch that the Plaintiffs, Volunteers of America TX, Inc..Jana Russell, and their atty Paula Beasley committed every type of perjury on the books, according to an investigator with official city documents…since the had absolutely no case against the sweet senior lady defendant. JUDGE KAREN CROUCH COMMITTED PERJURY AS WELL. “JUDGE” CROUCH SAID ON THE BENCH…NOT EVEN WEARING THE JUDICIARY ROBE, LOOKING LIKE SHE JUST ROLLED OUT OF BED, THAT MY ATTY MATT OBERMEIER, WHO WITHDREW BC I REFUSED TO SIGN THE FRAUDULENT AGREEMENT, “JUDGE” CROUCH SAID MY ATTY OBERMEIER SENT THE COURTS A LETTER STATING the SWEET SENIOR LADY HAD AGREED TO THE AGREEMENT…??? and thought it was funny. “Atty” Matthew Obermeier said he never sent a letter to the courts. “Atty” Paula Beasley failed to correct the “Judge”…gee I wonder why? “P

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