Complaint: I registered with on October 27th 2009 at a cost of 39.10, on the understanding I could request a refund within 60 days if I changed my mind. I requested a refund after 30 days but was ignored. Several more requests were ignored until the 60 day deadline, when I received an email telling me I was too late, the 60 days were up. Several email appeals fell on deaf ears.I lodged a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission in Washington but have had no indication that this had any effect.On 14th January I sent a letter of complaint to the head office address on the website, but I received no reply. I sent a further letter on 28th February which was returned sometime between 24th March and 23rd April (I was on holiday). I have since googled the name Karen Somers and discover I am not alone in being the victim of a scam. I have today contacted in an attempt to recover the registration fee. They gave me a London number, supposedly of the Clkbank company which took the money, but the number is invalid.

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