KAREN TODMAN of Karen Todman Jewelry, was a member of a group of women I associated with. She and her husband had split up and she was desperate to continue to portray the image of a wealthy socialite. She approached many of us in this group asking that we give her a chance to sell our jewelry at one of the many sales she planned on holding in the Beverly Hills area. I agreed to give her about 20 articles of fine jewelry ranging from Tiffany bracelets to a Cartier watch, and awaited quotes on what would be the minimum price she would sell them for. Upon receiving the quotes, I turned her down on many of the items, explaining the price was not sufficient to sell pieces. She tried to persuade me to sell them and I told her my husband felt we did not need the money enough to warrant selling them for this amount. NONETHELESS KAREN SOLD THE PIECES OF JEWELRY I expressly told her NOT to sell (I still have the email outlining what she could and could not sell at that time). What is worse is that she sold some for even LESS then the amount she quoted me!! I was very upset and told her that for the amount she sold the items for, i would have rather saved them to gift to my daugher when she was older since these were gifts from my her father (my husband) and to my sister-in-law who would have deeply appreciated fine jewelry. When i asked Karen to compensate me for her fraudulent actions, she shamelessly told me I could get in line behind other creditors she owed money to (I have retained the email from her which states this). She refuses to reimburse me for my great losses and continues to carry on these sales in the Beverly Hills area, very likely defrauding other unsuspecting women in her desperate attempt to carry on the impression of a wealthy lifestyle she so desires.

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