My fiancé and I met and fell in Love in high school. We went to separate colleges and he later went on to play for the NFL. After he retired we moved home, and got engaged. We had a long beautiful friendship and were just crazy for each other. Everything seemed perfect. He got an office job working for Enterprise Car Rentals. Working in management, and driving different cars every day, training new hires, it came natural to him and the company treated him great! || Upon receiving a promotion we moved 300 miles from Seattle, our home for a new position. This meant that he had hour long flights back to the city. The company conducts several training sessions and quarterly sales meetings at their main corporate office. || One day I saw a text message from his best friend, (that still lived back in Seattle) pop up on his phone. The text said:”is the chic picking you up”? I immediately opened his phone and started reading the message thread. So basically his best friend was hosting these hookups every time my man would come to town. I found her number in his phone and called to confront her. When she answered she played really stupid! First of all she was drunk off her ass slurring her words, blaring music and people partying in the background, so it was hard to hear her. She pretended to not have ever slept with him, and played sympathetic to my emotions. She knew that if she didn’t convince me that they were only co-workers, that he wouldn’t be able to continue with their affair. I made it clear to stay away from him, or I would expose their relationship to each of their supervisors. || Months later, after counseling, prayer, and a lot of soul searching we were able to salvage our relationship. And then football season started. She out of the blue one night (probably in another drunk groupie moment) started texting me all kinds of crap! Now she was admitting their affair, saying how I DIDNT SATISFY HIM AND HE HAD TO GET IT ELSEWHERE ETC. telling me that she was hanging out with his ex-teammates and telling them about their”underwear party”. She even tweeted a picture of her hand wearing his bowl ring in bed! It has his name on it!!! She succeeded. It’s over. Too much damage done that I can’t ever forgive. Kari Ann Stenbakken is definitely a homewrecker!!!