Contracted person via email then texting to purchase a puppy sent $650 via sells to have puppy shipped a shipping company coastal logistics sent me transfer paper for me to sign I had to email back with copy of my I’d for proof person then contacted me and sent two pictures of crates to rent to have puppy shipped in varying from $1255 – $1855 they said the money was refundable I then new this was not true as I have purchased 3 dogs that were shipped from other people. When I did not pay the shipping company said for me to contact the breeder to pick the puppy up. So I went back and forth his this karl he said to give him till 11 am the next day to get the puppy and he would refund the money. I continued to call this karl emailed him texted him all day got no where no dog no money refunded. I called Erie PA police department but since I had no address they could not help except to give me the phone number to the attorney general’s office to report it