They sold the Neverstop plan (prepaid, unlimited internet) and the Karma Go (hot spot device) for $649, less a holiday discount (through Christmas 2015) for $599. They changed the plan on January 8th to 15Gb with slow speeds, then did away with the plan entirely in February, 2016. This left customers who prepaid for internet with nothing, so they offered a refund if you did not sign up with one of their other plans (a total Bait and Switch tactic). For those who did return the Karma Go for a refund, we have received nothing as of this date. Karma Mobility, Inc emails about their internet service plans and signing up family and friends, but emails about refunds go unanswered. They also do not respond to government agencies who are working on our behalf to get our refunds. Post fake reviews on Amazon, block facebook comments and try to thwart any online truth of this scam.