I met this person online on Sugar Daddy For Me. She supplied several pictures and called and texted on a regular basis. She claimed she was a RN working at a Nusing Home and that she lived in Reidsville, NC. Claimed she was divorced and her maiden name was Reinhart. Sent me a copy of her supposed NC drivers license to prove who she really was. I sent her some money over a two month period on Western Union. It never was a huge amount at a time but she always had a great explanation with copies of bills to show it was legit. She claimed her father had died and she couldn’t take it and quit her job. She even sent me a pic of the Urn his ashes were supposedly in. Got her internet cut off supposedly and I gave her money to help pay the bill. It was a Centurylink bill. She claimed it was in her mothers name, and on the bill it showed a Kathy Reinhart of Eden, NC, claimed her electric was getting cut off and it was paid by her landlord, so she owed him. | I made her send me a copy of t

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Kathleen Anne McKenzie