Complaint: Kathleen ripped me off on August 1, 2009.Kathleen Pennington gets your deposit check in advance, cashes it, shows up once or twice, usually late and with not enough food, and then does not show up for the remainder of the days. She basically cashes your check and then does not show up to provide the services you contracted her for.She complains the entire time about the size of your crew or the location where you are shooting or the time of day you need a meal, anything to justify in her mind that she is about to walk away with your money.Definitely get a signed contract from her so that when you have to sue her to get your money back, you will be covered. She has fallen on hard times and has decided that stealing from student filmmakers is the way she will make money. I am suing her in small claims court and am pressing charges for grand larceny against her since she stole more than 1000 dollars from me. Also, you will have to find a back up for craft services for your angry, hungry crew at last minute when she does not show up.Please feel free to contact USC School of Cinema Arts, Director of Production if you need details on how she has ripped off graduate students and is now being taken to court.Hopefully she will soon be arrested for the grand larceny so that she cannot rip you off as well. I will drop charges if she would just talk to me and return some of the moeny- which she won’t even do that.I asked her multiple times to talk with me to reach a fair settlement and she has ignored me, blown me off, told me she would call me back, but never did etc, etc. I sincerely tried to reach a settlement with her but she took all my money and disappeared. That is called Stealing.

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