Katie and my husband used to work together. She even hung out with me and our children a few times. When I found out she was constantly texting my husband I confronted her, asked her if anything was going on, and told her to back off because it was inappropriate. She said to me how dare I accuse him of cheating with her and that he would never do that to me and neither would she.. Not long after she quit and I thought that was the end of it. Fast forward and I just found out after an argument between my husband and myself 4 years ago, she invited my husband out for a drink after work, got him hammered, offered to get him a room so he could sleep it off, and f*cked him. She then proceeded to tell him she loved him and well apparently she wasn’t that great in bed because he came back to me. || Now I am by no means saying he is innocent, he’s a fucking idiot who is paying royally for sleeping with this trash bag bitch. I’m convinced that all men are fucking ignorant when it comes to women and can’t see what they are trying to do. Looking back I knew she was after him, I just didn’t think she would stoop so low as to get someone drunk to sleep with her, although I’m not that surprised, without makeup she looks like a dude. She got hers though, her baby daddy cheated on her and left her nasty ass. That’s called karma you whore!