This bitch who got married February 13, 2016 texted my boyfriend who is her ex one morning as he was getting ready for work. She texted him “?Hey, it’s been awhile! How are things going for you?”. This totally pissed me off, as in the beginning of my relationship with my boyfriend, she has to also be nosey to see what type of girl I was. So her being nosey, YET AGAIN, I was furious. I was pissed that she had the audacity to even text him so privately. I confronted her husband, Erik and told her about the situation (with my boyfriend knowing I was emailing this bitch’s husband). He had apologized and said that Katie meant it as a “simple how ya doin?” in regards to him liking one of their wedding pictures. In regards to that, my boyfriend told me he never did such a thing. I confronted the bitch by Facebook message and asked her why she would need to catch up when she’s newly married and she just kept beating around the bush and kept telling me that her and Erik have a great marriage. LOL great marriage my ass to be up mid day texting an ex on how he’s doing. As I confronted her, I wanted an explanation on how a like on Facebook initiated her to have to text my boyfriend, but she kept making lame excuses and said they didn’t talk regularly so what’s the big deal. I kept asking her for explanation and kept asking, but her dumb ass wouldn’t tell me. She wound up blocking me and my boyfriend on Facebook, which is bullsh*t because she caused the whole ordeal and was the bitch being nosey. If you’re gonna have balls to text an ex who has a girlfriend of 1 yr, you shouldn’t curl your tail between uyour legs when you get confronted.