I became suspicious as my husband and his new friends when I noticed they talked all the time. We started having fights about nothing and he would just leave and when I had to go out of town for a few days for work he never called and barely text me. When I got home he made the excuse that he feels were having problems and needed time to think. He then started bringing his new friends to hang out with me in our home with our friends. He even went so far as to let her sleep in my bed when she was too drunk to drive home and I had already passed out. That morning when she went to leave I woke up and saw him standing outside with her caressing the hair off her face. I immediately confronted him but he denied it. He tried to convince me that I was just paranoid and that a guy can be friends with a girl and there’s nothing wrong with that. I waited a while to try to see what I could find and I decided I was going to catch them it was going to have to be on snapchat where they talk the most. I logged into his name from my phone and wrote her. At first just conversation and then told her”I think Jenny knows she’s acting weird.” that was really all it took the conversation went from there she said there was no way I could know and not to tell me I didn’t need to know their business. I was of course devastated. || I came home and confronted him with the knowledge that she had already told me. He tried to deny it he even called her and had her on speaker and she denied it. Then I dropped the bomb that I already talked to her on his snapchat. He admitted to having an affair with her since August and that she had spent the night at my house when I went on trips out of town. She went to work with him occasionally. They screwed in my house, on my bed, in my car, in her car, or anywhere else they could. To make it worse he admitted to using my sex toys on her. I left and then called her and she told me they were in love. She told me they were going to be together and that they can just make it work where we couldnt. I only stayed devastated for one night the next night I decided for revenge. I got on Facebook I wrote her parents, her grandparents, her boyfriend, and even her jobs Facebook page and told them everything. || It may be immature but if you knowingly go after a woman’s husband at least have the balls to own what you’ve done. Not saying he’s any better because he’s not. He’s worse he’s a dog and he will get his. But revenge for him is losing his family, his home, and an amazing wife of 9 years.