This is my Husband’s W****. Her name is Katina Blake. He calls her “Kat.” Although we were separated when I found out about her, I learned that they were having an affair, long before we separated. It explains a lot. The loser went from happy with his wife to being a complete ass! Hateful, mean! We split up, I find out about her and people came out of the woodwork, to tell me what they knew! Apparently, my Husband isn’t the only married man she’s been with. Sounds like she’s got a list. From what I’ve learned, she’s kind of well known around the bar scene… for picking up men. I also heard that she’s not going to have anything to do with a man who doesn’t have money. Sugar! I supported your “trophy” for 8 years! Everything he has, I bought. Let’s see how happy she is when he doesn’t have that fancy $100,000 truck, Harley, fancy RV (that he was screwing her in) and the running money…lol