So this use to be wife. Well she still is but claims to be engaged to my ex best friend. Bout 7yrs ago the bitch and i stated hanging out with my cousin and her husband. She started spredding rumors that i was beating her and doing drugs and drinking to talk my cousins husband into “saving” her. Well his stupid ass fell for it. Soon they hooked up n my cousin and i got cheated on. She went psycho on him and they split. Her and i got back together. Then 3 fucking years later they cheated together again. This cunt at this time had 2 kids with me. Wouldn’t let me see them. Tried telling cops i was abusing them n her. Wrong. She hit them and yelled at them constantly everyday. She got a restraining order. So she got my cousins husband to leave her and she was 8 months prego. Bullshit. My cousin later had her baby bringing the idiot back again. Stupid on my cousins part. But i was stupid to cus i took her back. Well my cus and my wife always talking shit to each other n one day my wife drove to her place trying to break in n kill her n my cus had her kids there. I just sat in the car. I was having no part of that psycho shit. She didn’t get in. Lol. But she did a fine. I always checked her phone. She was always texting my cus husband telling him site was going to kill my cus. She said she was going to curb stomp her ass allot. I found out once that she wanted to get my cus husband to take her kids from her. She even tried to get them to call her mom. Ya psycho bitch. Well she kept bn psycho n my cus husband split from my wife. She then continued to keep my own kids from seeing me. And would tell them that her new “fiance” was their daddy n they believe it. Fucking Bullshit. I found out now she does meth with this guy and that he is going to jail soon for it. And i have still yet to see my kids. She psycho so i warn all u guys n girls stay away. She might just so something to harm u n ur kids. She has gone by Katrina Bunts Katrina Barrette and now Katrina Seitz. So isay stay far away. Who knows what other problems or diseases she has either.