I was proposed to in September of 2010 with a beautiful solitaire, princess cut, white gold engagement ring. There were 3 tiny little little occlusions in the ring that only I would have noticed. One tiny brown speck in the center and two tiny brown specks in each of the top corners. But they were hardly noticable at all, and I didn’t care, I loved it. My boyfriend at the time did a wonderful job choosing the right ring. We were happily engaged for about a month and then I noticed that I could here my diamond shaking when I moved my hand. Luckily my fiance was smart enough to get insurance. Or so we thouhgt. I sent it in hoping I would get it back in time for Thanks Giving. I really wanted to show all of our family members my new ring and my wonderful new fiance. But low and behold the “Repair Shop”” cracked my diamond while tightening the prongs. So I had to wait until they could ship me a new diamond to replace the one THEY broke. That took at least another two weeks. I could not even begin to tell you how excited I was when my fiance finally pulled my ring out of his pocket and I got to wear it again and have it for Christmas

since I didn’t have it for Thanksgiving. I went through the night waiting to get home and see it sparkle in the light. Except for when I got home and saw it in the light I noticed this big

huge crack in the center of my diamond

it still had that crack in it. Furious

I brought it back into to Kay Jewelers and explained to the lady what I had observed. She told me that it was not a crack it was an occlusion. I told her I would like it if I had the same kind of occlusion that my ring had before. She told me that she could send it back in and see what they send back. I was glad to have the diamond replaced but sad that my new promise date was December 29… FOUR DAYS after Christmas! Holiday number 2 gone. Waiting impatiently a week after my promise date