My husband has purchased me a ring for the third time from Kay jewelers, two out of three of the rings have lost their stones… I have had to drive a two hour drive to the store he bought it from to have it replaced. nOn Dec 12 about 2months ago he bought me a tanzanite ring I have wore it 5xs and guess what the stone fell out of this one too. nI called customer service to ask for help with the situation, and I got no help whats so ever. The only thing they can say is thaty if I take it to the store they will replace the stone. nAnd of course, that means a two hour drive there and leave the ring and then another two hour drive back to get it when its done. Customer service said its not their fault how far I have to drive. What kind of attitude is that? They really don’t care about their customers I can say. Because the lack of concern they have lost a really good customer…….. nRhondanBlue River, WisconsinU.S.A.

East Town Mall/West Town Mall Madison, Wisconsin U.S.A.


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