My husband and I went to the Kay in Maumee to buy a new pair of earrings for Christmas for myself as I had lost one of my good ones. At first, the Sales Rep was very helpful, she told us they would give us $149 for the 1 earring in their trade-in program, and then told us the coupon we received for $50 or 20% off would also apply to the earrings that we picked out. Everything seemed good until we started the check out, the sales rep Liz, messed up the transaction 3 times where she had to void and start over because she was making mistakes, meanwhile, the line was growing very long (Black Friday weekend and only 2 registers) and people were becoming very impatient about waiting. She finally finished the transaction, and gave us the paperwork and got my signature for sending the earrings out to get a screwback placed on them (additional charge of course). I assumed that after the mutiple attempts everything was good and we left frustrated. At home, I reviewed the paperwork she gave us and realized that we did not get the credit for the coupon and the trade-in value was listed at $149 on the receipt, but we only had about $70 taken off the cost of the earrings. In addition, the receipt said we had earned $200 of Santa Certificates, but the Santa certificate with the paperwork was blank!!!! I drove the hour from my home a couple of days later to take the receipts into the store and get everything corrected. The sales Rep, Robin who helped me was very short and said that because there was only 1 earring we only got half of the trade-in value and that coupons can’t be used with trade-ins. I explained to her that we were explicitly told that the coupon could be combined and that we were not told the trade-in would be cut in half. We were told I was getting $149 not half. She did not offer any credits or any other assistance, just made an excuse about that sales clerk being new. I exdplained that we made out choice to purchase a more expensive pair of earrings based on the coupon savings and the trade-in value we were given; if that was not correct, we would have chosen a different pair. I am very upset that they won’t back up their employees for better or worse – her lack of training is not our fault and we should not be penalized because of someone’s incompetence. I also asked if why the coupon I gave was kept if it could not be used, why wouldn’t she give it back to us? Of course, she had no explanation for that. As for the Santa certificate, she said it was fine, we didn’t need it printed on it, just bring it with our receipt. I told her that was not acceptable as I planned on giving it away and I could not give them my receipt. She told me there was nothing she could. Finally, another woman working said she could reprint the receipt and cut out the codes. She cut them out and taped them to the certificate, now hopefully it will be accepted, who knows. As if all of this was not enough, when I went back to pick up the earrings, the woman tried to give them to me in a small baggie!!! I paid almost a grand for earrings and you can’t even put them in a box!? I had to ask her to put them in box, and in the past they were normally gift-wrapped for us, but she didn’t even offer, even after I told her it was a gift and I needed a box. We have spent a lot of money with Kay’s over the past 13 years and I couldn’t even get a box! We will not be going back.

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