I recently celebrated my 1st wedding anniversary 7/29. I bought my wife a set of diamond stud earrings in April. She purchase a Movado time piece for me on 6/26. We presented our gifts to each other around midnight on our anniversary. The watch was beautiful but it was a little large. We were going to Times Square for the weekend so we decided to stop at our local Kay store on the way to have links removed. The store manager removed 2 links from the watch and tried to get us to return for their annual diamond event. She asked did I want to wear the watch out of the store. I replied “No I will wear my old Movado and put that one on for dinner.”” We get to NY and go out to dinner. I set the watch

but to our surprise it did not move after a few hours. I literally wore the watch for about 4 hours. I took it off when we got back to the hotel and looked forward to exchanging it for a working time piece. We arrived at the Willow Grove store on Sunday 7/31/11 and was told by the Assistant Manager nothing could be done because it was beyond 30 days. She called customer care and informed them of the situation and they denied the exchange as well. My wife called customer service from her cell phone and spoke with a very condescending rep. She continued to repeat what the policy was until my wife handed me the phone. I told the rep I am a Kay card holder and I have never asked Kay for anything besides where to swipe my card. I explained to her since 2009 I have purchased almost $13

000 in jewelry from Kay. She replied “”that is irrelevant and the policy is the policy.”” She also informed me the Assistant Manager told her the watches had scratches all over it and looks like it had been worn. I tried to reach a supervisor

but all I could get was a voice mail. I was promised a call back in 72 hours

but I never received it. I had to send a $900 watch out for repair because it was purchase 33 days before it was given as a gift. I am very disappointed in Kay. Because of this my wife was in tears because she didn’t have a working gift to present to me on our first anniversary. I expected them to do the right thing instead of repeating the policy. Well I have a policy…once I have been mistreated in a business deal of any kind I wont do business with them again. I don’t know how many customers Kay has that average $6500 a year