Wow where to start with this girl. My friends 4 year relationship was destroyed by this girl. My friends bf was going through a rough time in his life and they broke up because he was texting this girl behind her back. After Kayla found out he had a gf, she CONTINUED to pursue him while simultaneously pretending to be HER friend just to keep tabs on their status…even after she saw the pain and agony it had caused to both parties. Once my friends bf was able to repair and work things out with my friend and get back together with her (he loves the shit out of her), Kayla went psycho. They are finally in a wonderful place and have a stronger relationship than ever. They are truly in love. But Kayla believes she is better than every woman on Earth and that she has the power to seduce any guy. Now- 6 months later after their rough patch, Kayla is trying to get his attention again by coming by his job and even waving at him, well-aware they are together. My friends bf ignores her every time and all the staff laugh at her desperation and call her “gross”. She’s a disgusting human, scum of a “woman” to stoop that low and try to hurt another woman and destroy a r/s. Here are some other fun facts about her! – she has been shamed on social media for being a slut, having STDs and being a psychopath. – she tried to give her keys to her apartment to my friends bf after knowing him for a week…? Who the fuck would think that’s a good idea? – after failing to steal my friends bf, she got “engaged” to a guy she never met in person after only 2 months of “knowing him”. The guy dumped her because he said “she thinks we were engaged” LOL. – The same guy that dumped her, flirted with my friend on social media during their “r/s” (what are the odds) KARMA full circle. – She is a club rat. Goes to all the West Hollywood clubs looking to get wifed up by some typical hollywood douchey guy with model “status”. -She is completely fake and photoshops the fuck out of all her pictures. She looks different in every pic so its hard to tell which one is close to the real thing. -fake lips, fake eyelashes, fake weave, fake tits, fake EYE COLOR, fake face in general, wears pounds of makeup and draws her lips and eyebrows on way too heavy. She really likes airbrushing. She looks like a mirage. -She has a DUI, so she has no car and can’t drive. -Relies solely on Ubers to get around. -She can be seen in her natural habitat walking the streets of hollywood usually always drunk and slutty looking – around Santa Monica Blvd specifically. – tries to dangle her good-looking gay guy friends around other men…except we all know what she’s doing, so she’s an ignorant, desperate idiot. – she has no education, is very weird, annoying and LIES a lot to get her way. – thinks she’s a model lol. Real models are natural beauties, sweetheart. You look cheap, easy and fake. LADIES & Gents, watch out because Kayla is one of the most fake, two-faced hypocrites you’ll ever meet. Has no shame in trying to take another womans man. Guys, don’t ruin something good for something temporary that you’ll regret and try to escape from later. She’s the girl that guys go to when they’re down and out and need an easy quick fix. And then can’t get rid of her. P.S. my friend has zero surgery to look the way she does. She was born with her exotic, gorgeous face. So keep your trashy fake shit for all the losers that will find superficial pleasure in it. Kayla, you should prepare for your divorce right now because you’ll definitely marry some asshole ego maniac who will trade you in for two 20 year olds when you hit 40 and all your surgery starts to melt off your face, you soulless, shallow bitch of a little girl.