I am A. The creater of this page on Adam. I am also E. I also am Noone Cares Who I Am. I made all of those posts. Ive known Adam for 7 yesrs. I’ve held alot of resentment towards him for who he used to be, though deep down hes an amazing person he just had an alchol problem for awhile and it changed him. He made alot of mistakes. But thst is not who he is now. He doesnt deserve to be punished anymore for his past. Hes so strong to of grown sooooo much. My angrer made me make this page about him but I never knew anyone would ever see it it was just for venting. I found it fun seeing I wasn’t the only one hurt and I let pay back fuel me and it was wrong. Bullying is wrong. My last post was because of an conusion between us we where both in the wrong but Adam didn’t actually do wrong, I was hurt being turned down. He means so much to me and I couldn’t take snother heart break from him but I’m very proud of him for his reasoning of turning me down. whoever gets to have him is actually one lucky gal he’s so special, VERY strong, hes been trough a lot and really changed a lot he’s so smart, sweet, an amazing caring big hearted man along with constantly improving. I have great faith in him. He deserves forgivness and love and encouragment. But all u ladys stay away cause one day he will be mine. Lol just kidding he deserves to find and choose his own true love. And ill be so happy for him when he does.