I’ve purchased a beautiful 3ct.diamond bracelet and Movado watch last year as a Christmas gift to myself. But it was purchased through kays credit , I made payments every month. Then this year in may I lost my job and was put on this program where I could make lower payments. But I got sick and lost my job all together and payments added up so I then was told to send these items back because they was going to settle for $3700 . So I went to 3 or 4 different places trying to sell these items and this is where the disappointment came in . Because in this jewelry store they charged me $4500 for the bracelet and $2600 for the watch. But all the private jewelers I went said the bracelet was poor quality diamonds so they could only give me $300. What the ? U can imagine I was pissed and very very disappointed. So I returned the items back to kays and they told me I still owe $2000. How ! If you claim your stuff is of quality and I do understand these places do mark ups , then that means they have a serious problem. Because I shouldn’t have been charged thousands of dollars if the bracelet was only worth a couple hundreds. And if there settling for $3700 then should I be still trying to give them $2000?

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