Complaint: The Yelp reviews tells all but we just had to post something here too. The food over priced, the staff unhelpful and the owner behaves like a total jerk. In time maybe this will close we certainly hope so. A friend of ours experienced the same problem regarding an issue and the manager instead of being congenial wrote back abusing them wither terms like were using. Regardless is the customer not king does this place even know how to prepare anything let alone step up and be kind despite the situation. After all regardless of any negative outcome, anyone including us that had issues should be treated with kindess as like us we were trying to patronise your business. No not here, ignorance is served daily. Stay clear. No one restaurant has pissed off more people than Kaytoo. They should be shut down by the village association as they have not a clue on how to treat people. You should see some of their replies on different social media. Without getting into detail the reviews tell all, but in time this place will be closed and we will celebrate that and you will too. We have never seen staff let alone and owner/manager behave like such a jerk but you will if you visit Kaytoo

Tags: Restaurants

Address: 170 Jozo Wieder Boulevard collingwood, Ontario Canada


Phone: 7054454100