Working for KB Promotions was a nightmare. The employees are treated like bad children and scolded in front of everyone. In a meeting I attended we were all told that “*UCK YOU

PAY ME!”” was the company motto. They also said they were paying me $9.00 per hour but dropped that to $7.25 when payday came around. I was let go for no apparent reason

after a good review. Later I found out it was because I was seen talking to a female employee that the manager was interested in personally. When I did my taxes I found that they claimed to have paid me $121 more than they did. When I tried to collect my last paycheck the receptionist


told me it was too late and that a new check would have to be printed and asked me to call back in a couple of days. When I called back Amanda said that the owners had to come in and sign the check and that I should call back next week. When I called back Amanda said that I needed to speak to Veronica in payroll. I was put on hold and disconnected. I tried to call back only to be told that Veronica wasn’t in and to call back tomorrow. When I spoke with Veronica the following day she assured me that the check would be reprinted and signed as soon as the owners came in and that should be soon. She asked me to call back the following week and apologized for the wait. I called again and Amanda told me that she was sorry but that the owners had come in and the check was reprinted but that it was misplaced. She said to call back the following week and speak to Veronica. This has gone on for almost 5 months. I just spoke with Veronica today and she gave me the same excuse about the owners living in Boca Raton