No contractual obligation including esrow


My Complaint: Their first escrow was late and short by $1000. Seller shows up to close and the buyers, KCV do not, but ask for an extension on a non-contingency closing. Seller gave the benefit of the doubt and gave them another chance, but asking for additional 2nd escrow to show good faith. The buyers agent sent me a text with a picture of money wire late Friday night, Monday was a holiday, Tuesday no wire, Wednesday no wire, Thursday no Wire and their agent puts me off several times. I place the property back on the market magically wire shows up. I will never do business with these people or their agent again. Not one ounce of ethics or contractual obligation with these people. *** I am a experienced Broker Associate and Multi million producer, this was the worst transaction of my 8+ year career***


My Demand: To never do business with you again!