Recently i had a very unpleasant interaction with the Keep calling company. I tried to call to address the issue and it took almost four hours to solve the minor issue. I prepaid online for calling card and exited to make a call, but the keep calling company apparently couldn’t put money into my account so every time i made call i would hear that i can’t make a call since i didn’t prepaid. However, i did prepaid and money were withdrawn from my credit card and i had invoice so i called the keep calling company but they say wait a ten min will do fix your account and after ten min they would say it is fixed so i can go ahead and make call, but that wasn’t true, since every time i wanted to make an international call the access number of the keep calling company would not connect me saying i don’t have a fund /money to make a call, so i patiently call them back and that’s lasted for four hours and at the end i got really impatient and asked for supervisor and the supervisor after long day finally fixed the problem I am still upset, but i realized that they simply wanted me to give up and they wanted to make extra illegal backs from me. It is really bad business company.

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