This married man with a wife and two children had an affair with a married woman from Upstate New York for over a year. While his wife was home with the children he was spending time with the other woman in hotels in New Jersey and New York. Even though they didn’t live close they managed to spend one or two weekends a month together. They spent birthdays together, had a weekend rendezvous in New York City to see the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, spent Valentines Day in New York City, and also managed to get couples massages and go to sporting events. They even took a long weekend trip to Pensacola, FL while the other woman was working on assignment. Even though being two professional and highly educated adults, these two are probably the most irresponsible adults as they had unprotected sexual intercourse the entire time, not thinking of any disease they could give to their spouses. The other woman even at one point thought she may be pregnant. The spouses for each of them made the right decision by divorcing these two cheaters!!