This company targeted my patient and contacted them via phone to inquire about ordering a knee brace post operatively. I am uncertain how such a business from out of state even obtained my patient’s personal information. They spoke with her and created a scenario giving her the impression that she should have been given the brace already saying it was a mistake she didn’t already have it. This is of course fraudulent and false. I received a faxed communication to my office, a physician order asking for a signature for the unnecessary medical equipment. It was falsified elaborately enough to even make it look like there was hand-written communication on the cover sheet in sharpie stating "attn: provider." with my provider’s name on it. With close inspection, this writing was pixelated, obviously not hand-written.Overall, this company illegally acquired my patient’s confidential information. They called her and lied, created a false situation which led her to believe she was in need of the medical equipment, the knee brace. They then elicited my office with the inquiry for the physician order to be completed via fax. They disguised the order to be appear to be something very routine hoping for a signature and return fax without close inspection or review.