Kelly Groth is a nurse who likes to sleep with married men. She herself is married for the last 4 years. She had an affair with one of my husband’s coworkers prior to having an affair with my husband. Kelly likes to buy the men she’s sleeping with gifts, even getting them delivered to her house. After I caught her in my house, my husband came clean about everything. Telling me she was f**king crazy and would not leave him alone. If he would not see her when she said, she was threatened to come and tell me. If he was sleeping with me, she considered it cheating on her. Because supposedly her husband is very violent with her, threatens to kill her, and beats her, and raped her. Kelly put some kind of app on my husband’s phone where she got all of his text messages, emails ,everything and would tell him it was a glitch in the phones, that’s why she was getting these things. After I caught her, she tried to get a restraining order against me. But was unsuccessful because she was the one walking past my house and driving past my house. She doesn’t even live in the same state as me. I asked the hospital where she worked to look into my files seeing that she was crazy. And they found that she was going through my son’s files. She quit her job before she was able to get fired. And now I’m going after her license with the state. At this time Kelly is still a nurse working at the county jail. I will be fine. I just feel bad for her husband.