Kelly Goodwin was close friends with my friend and her husband. My friend’s children also attended the daycare that Kelly runs. Kelly was like a sister to my friend, and was part of the family. My friend and her husband were going through a rough patch in their marriage, and were working on it. Kelly knew this, as my friend confided everything to her. Kelly would offer advice, ask how things were going, and ask if they were going to stay together. She told my friend that she had a perfect life: the husband, the beautiful kids, the nice home. Meanwhile, Kelly was pursuing my friend’s husband. She told him that my friend asked her, Kelly, to sleep with him. Kelly then had sex with my friend’s husband, more than once. When he cut her off, she accused my friend and her husband of using her debit card to make purchases, which was untrue. Kelly is enjoying playing the victim in the situation, as if she was the one wronged. When her boyfriend of five years found out about her cheating, he kicked her out of his house, along with her son. It disgusting to hear her around town, playing a martyr. Kelly Goodwin is a lying, cheating, pathetic excuse for a friend and woman.