This women started dating a friend of mine and came to my house with this friend. When the broke up she started chasing my husband. When me and my husband had a bad fight and he went back to his moms they started seeing each other. She slept with him and had no problem doing when she knew i was pregant with our third child. She had the balls to bring her kids around my two oldest. Both her and my husband thought it was fine doing things togeather with her kids and mine. They didnt realize I found out till I confront my husband. He lied for months and then told me after I had our baby that he had slept with her right before he came back and slept with me while I was pregant with our baby. They both broke up a marriage of 8 yrs. She knew what was going on and still went after him. Watch your man around her she will go after any man even when she is with some one else.