While my husband was deployed, Kelly and my husband began exchanging emails that were sexually oriented. I found out and and called her out on it. She apologized, said that she was deeply sorry, and I forgave her. Fast forward to 2009, my husband was home, and I find explicit text messages on my husband’s phone. My husband denied that he sent her anything (which was a lie) and I sent her a message. Here is our exchange: || ME September 23 at 8:46am || I’m not a fake person so i’m just going to cut to the chase. I forgave you for the shit you pulled while he was deployed, as I forgave him. but i didn’t forget. so when you started calling him late at night again and sending him text messages about how you were thinking about his tongue in your mouth you can imagine i was fairly livid. I’m not sure which you are, stupid or psycho, but let me make this perfectly clear for you. Neither of us want anything to do with you. Nothing. So please get back to stalking someone else’s husband. You seem to be good at that. || Kelly Lowe October 8 at 2:25pm Report || OK, This is the one reply you’ll get from me…He said that you were in a open relationship, and that it was OK for him to be with other people…I have text messages to confirm this. He also said that I was on the”no-f*ck list”. The deal is, if he was lying to me…he’s probably lied to you as well. I’m not stupid, nor psycho-and it’s hurtful that you’d call me so….I’ve been nothing but kind to you-your husband not withstanding. you should really investigate things before you point fingers….I’m so fucking sick of this merry go round. I’m sure he told you about the dates of our encounters….? I have dates, times, and locations..as well as witnesses…So, lets get one fucking thing straight-you need to check facts before fingers are pointed. If what he told me isn’t true; he lied to me AND you. I was under the assumption that he was ALLOWED to be with other people….That led me to believe that our activities were ok….if you wish to speak more of this….you can email me…. || ME October 8 at 2:56pm || What about our last encounter made you think I was ok with it? Especially if he told you that you were NOT on the list? What exactly are your activities? I’ll give you a chance. I’m not a mean person – just incredibly protective of my family. Forward all the texts he sent to you to my phone. Everything – header included so that I can see it’s not faked. Just so you know – he plays you off to me like you’re psychotic and obsessed with him. He has you listed in his phone as”crazy bitch” with your numbers blocked. I will not talk to you on this further until I receive proof. We are married, with two children. I am not tearing MY FAMILY apart over this. || Kelly Lowe October 8 at 3:15pm Report || ummm, there were several encounters that were had… || ME October 8 at 3:24pm || AND? Spill it. Do you want me to trust you or not? whole story. details. All I’m asking for is the whole truth. Your side. || Kelly Lowe October 8 at 3:32pm Report || during VBS….he was there, And XX was in my class-of course. I was in the fellowship hall, and he was there. I avoided him-but he asked me to talk to him. he hugged me, and talked about my hair being hot. That next day I sent him a text saying you were being awfully nice or something like that…And he suggested that he would’ve taken me outta there for some action…And then we started talking again. He assured me that your relationship was an open one and that you didn’t care… || ME October 8 at 3:47pm || All he told me when I found the messages from you was that he’d tried to scam a free haircut off of you and that he’d only spoken to you when you were with a group of people. He made it sound like your sudden texts were out of nowhere – he assured me that nothing had happened and would never happen because you were completely psycho. He then told me that the next time you called he would tell you that you couldn’t call or text him anymore. That was the last i heard until you tried to add me as a friend and I thought you’d lost your mind. Is that all that happened? He came onto you at the church? || Kelly Lowe October 8 at 3:52pm Report || no, that began the hanging out and the calling/texting. The last time he came to see me was july 30th/31st…He came over in the van @ my cousin’s house. and then dropped me off at my house… || ME October 8 at 3:53pm || What happened then? || Kelly Lowe October 8 at 3:55pm Report || we had sex… || Kelly Lowe October 9 at 7:57am Report || June 16th, he came over for a few hours…That was the first time we slept together..this continued until July 30th nite/31st morn…..I will call you this evening, and talk about this more. || Kelly Lowe October 9 at 8:50am Report || XXXX….you can check them online via your carriers site.”lick you all over” dated July 30th @ 9:34pm….”Good. Been thinking about what your lips would feel like wrapped around my c*ck”dated July30th @ 2:58pm… || Kelly Lowe October 9 at 8:56am Report || he arrived at my cousins house close to ten, if not after…we’ve had sex since june 16th… || Kelly Lowe October 9 at 11:15am Report || Do you need me to call you this evening still? I’ll be at my cousins house, and so…. || Kelly Lowe October 9 at 12:14pm Report || any other questions? || ME October 9 at 5:11pm || Plenty. How many times have you had sex total? What dates other than 6/16 & 7/30 & 7/31? || Kelly Lowe October 10 at 7:00pm Report || I really don’t remember to be honest…He’s shown up at the house in the suv, the bike, and my cousins in the van…I called you last night and left you a voicemail…I’m really sorry that this has come out like it has, and you’ve had to witness inappropriate texts and such. On another note, however, I feel an odd peace that this is all out there and I’m being truly honest with you. This is a very odd thing. I thought that I could keep my emotion out of it and just say”let bygones…” ya know” But, I’m truly sorry for being a participant in this activity….I ask for your forgiveness as well as your forgetness on this matter. I would love nothing more than to know that you and I can be civil..I have no interest in being civil with him, due to the fact that he couldn’t just have just manned up and been truthful about who I am-and not have to inaccurately portray my character. || ME October 11 at 1:31am || Your stories contradict and you offer not a damn shred of evidence of actually fucking him. The text times and dates and phone calls I already knew about – I’ve known for months. My husband and I spoke about them and he already admitted of being inappropriate with you and starting this whole problem. I have an actual witness that says he was with steve the night of the 30th – that he never left his house. The dentist’s office verified he was at Alexis’ appointment and his parents verified being with him afterward. XX was with him after that – so did you f*ck while she waited in the car? I’m not calling you a liar – but if you want me to believe you – show me more than talk. || Go f*ck yourself. How dare you ask me to forgive and forget? Wouldn’t that just be the easy way out for the homewrecker. And yes, Kelly, contrary to your earlier comment from the DC incident about you not being one, YOU ARE A HOMEWRECKER. You don’t deserve for me to forgive you and you sure as hell don’t deserve me to forget it like it was a high school rumor. Honestly at what point did it go from him telling you that you were on the”no f*ck list” to actually fucking him? He reassured you that I was ok with it after I bitched you out for having cyber sex with him? He reassured you after telling you that you were on the ‘no list’? You would have to be stupid to believe his stories after knowing my reaction to the first go round. Stupid – or YOU JUST DIDN’T GIVE A SHIT AND GOT WHAT YOU WANTED. If you actually f*cked him you are just as guilty and just as vile as he. I grew up catholic sweetie – I know all about guilt and penitence. YOU WANT FORGIVENESS? EARN IT. || After that series of emails, my husband told me the entire truth. We have gone to counseling over this and have opted to stay together, but things are not the same, I don’t trust him and I’m not sure I ever will. I have to see her regularly because she is a friend of the family, and I feel like I’m being slapped in the face everytime I have to see her and keep my mouth shut.>