This young lady always went for the guys who were in a relationship already, ask almost any teenager in this town. UNTIL she decided to go for her co-workers husband (we will call him BJ). BJ was married with a child. They seemed happy on the outside. Kelly was obsessive with BJ and was constantly bringing him treats from home and taking selfies with him. Kelly even made friends with his wife and would always ask about their child. Then one night Bj came home from a “boys night out”, drunk and smelled of other women. He beat his wife when she asked him why he would cheat and off to jail he went! Very soon after he got out of jail him and Kelly were in a secret love affair. His wife found out she was expecting another baby as well. He didnt care. He left her for a teenage girl (who he cheats on as well). He hasnt seen his child in six months and that seems like it wont change. Kelly would go on to try and get BJ’s wife in trouble at work to get her fired. She started telling everyone how in love they are after not even 5 months of dating, and soon moved in with him (in the family home) and gladly pays his bills for him. She doesnt want him to see his child (or even the new baby) out of fear he would want to try and fix his family. Only, trashy, dumb little girls get excited about being with a guy who would leave his family for them. Don’t think he wont do that to you.