I am watching my best friend buy his wife Kelly Mengel cars, a brand new house, a ring, a life, a certain status, that she has been after since she planted her first “dead bulb” 32 years ago. She preys on nerds, and men that she can she wrap her turkey gizzard, around until she’s pregnant, living in your house, driving your car, proudly signs her name as beneficiary on your life insurance, becomes verbally and physically abusive, then convinces you’re to blame for her vulgarity and maliciousness, she then starts following you to different places, accuses you of off the wall sh*t, then you find out she’s pregnant, and you couldn’t possibly be the father cuz the dates don’t match up, and on that same note, she proclaims loud and proud, the father is one of his 5 closest friends. My brother ends up losing everything, paying alimony, child support, due to the fact he was bullied into signing the birth certificate, on a kid that hates him, because Kelly talks mad sh*t about him all day long, while she lives in the house he paid off, and drives the car he bought, cuz he earned it… while she is a career couch potato, back stabbing, “ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have none” type of ratchet. She’s approaching 65, married to her 6th husband, and it’s been brought to my attention now that she’s a grandma 11 times over, she’s moved from gold digging HOMEWRECKER, to COUGAR. She will offer you the best rate on car insurance after she measures the head room in your back seat. Men all over Colorado should try out their older women based upon the fact if they breathe through their ears and wear knee pads under their sweat pants. A good cougar will rep her knee pads proudly. “Jake…. from, state farm” is hideous.