We bought a big screen Mitsubishi wd-52327, 22 months ago from kellys in salem oregon. It does not work!!! We were told we needed a new bulb, (250.00) It worked for one month and now nothing. It smells like it’s catching on fire. I realized after 1 year the warranty was up, however if I spend $1800 on a T.V it should last more than 22 months. When I went to Kelly’s (40 miles from my house) they said there is nothing they could do for me. They gave me a # to a repair place that wanted $200 to take a look at my T.V and they gave us the # to the store manager Jeff Straight and I have called 3 times and left meesages, he has not returned any calls. Also Mitsubishi has not returned our call. Dont buy a mitsubishi from Kellys or any store. nRyannmcminnville oregon, OregonU.S.A.

www.kellyshomecenter.com Salem, Oregon U.S.A.


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