Complaint: Both Kenneth Gates AKA Ken Green and Ryan A McCauley AKA Ryan West, Ryan Brown, etc. have worked for me and my friends firm and sadly we both were screwed over trying to help them out. These 2 are con artists and drug addicts! Ryan struggles with smoking crystal meth everyday and can’t seem to get his life straight at the age of 32 years old, as for Ken Gates he smokes crystal meth day to day with Ryan but also smokes Heroin everyday and xanax AND THIS GUY HAS 2 BABY children.. CPS needs to involved on this one FOR SURE!!! I had couldn’t figure out why these two had such dramatic mood swings and would lash out soo violently (if you see these 2 be very careful they are violent and I think Ryan has a gun). Both Ryan and Ken were caught stealing and creating simliar bank accounts to launder money out of my and my other friends business with out us being aware and by the time we could figure it out they quit, dissapeared and then left defamating and slanderish remarks on rip off report to up set the other employees and as Ryan and Ken said “when we leave a company we make it crash and burn.”” THese two individuals are sick and I will personally be contacting CPS and following up with an origianly report that was left against Kenneth in early in October in regards to his drug addiction and his ability to be a parent. Here are a couple other people/companies that Ken and Ryan have attempted to defamate and slander to cover their own asses so they dont look like that bad guys when they steal everything and run away. Here are some other slanderish comments these two have posted: 1) 2) (((link redacted))) 3) I tell you BE CAREFUL WITH RYAN A MCCAULEY and KENNETH GATES because if they don’t get what they want they will do everything in their power to ruin your repuation. Poor Kevin as you see in the first link was defamated and put on blast by KENNETH AND his GF becaues Kevin had to fire Ken’s gf for being a poor employee as Ken was also fired for being a bad employee. I have also filed a report with the police

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Address: as sad as it is these comment and complaints wont go away at least someone can shed light on these two drug addict criminals and actually call them out for the crap they’ve been pulling!! You can also look these two up on OCCOURTS.ORG Ken AND his GF Jesslyn whom both have the LONGEST criminal records I’ve ever seen

Website: and then he would come back into work pretty much sleep sittting straight up and then 15 minutes later do it all over again. But right after Ken and Ryan quit they left all those slanderish comments and reviews ANDDD they stole $15

Phone: I’m surprised the court of law see these 2 fit to manage children. Ryan McCauley is definitely more of the brains of the operation