Run far away! We did work for Ken Ghavami aka Silverwood Log Homes and Windwood Homes on their modular log homes. Despite them being very happy with the work, the owner Ken Ghavami did not pay. First they were a month late paying, then it was 2, then 3 and we don’t expect we will ever get paid now. It was always one excuse after another from this guy and then he would avoid answering calls. Now we can’t find their website and the phone doesn’t work so it looks like we all got screwed. We talked to the old manager of the factory and I guess we aren’t alone and all have to get in line to try and get paid which will never happen. The worst part was he convinced our boss to do more work and that he would pay as soon as it finished both jobs as he was supposed to have money coming in. Now my boss can’t pay me and we are the ones left screwed. He is scum.

311 36ave Calgary, Alberta Canada

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