Complaint: Kenneth Thornton (GOES BY FAKE NAMES AS KENNY AND KENDAL) is a bad dog breeder based in pittsburgh pa. He is well known for fighting dogs, dog abuse, ripping off people by taking payments for puppies through money gram, bad breeding practices, and running puppy mills out of low income housing properies in the pittsburgh area. He is also well known for trading dogs for drugs, and selling drugs. He once ran a kennel known as STEEL CITY BLUES KENNELS. However, after years or ripping people off the name was ruined to the point where he could no longer use the name. He now attempts to sell puppies on FACEBOOK and other websites. His facebook URL name PHONE NUMBER OF KENNETH THORNTON For whatever reason, he still continues to use the same phone number to rip people off which is 412-657-8309. Hopefully this warning will help anyone who comes in contact with this low life and it save you a huge headache and help you from getting ripped off. WEIGHT: Very overweight. Roughly 340lbs HIEGHT: 5 ft. 6″ BIRTHATE: 07/12/1975 CRIMINAL BACKGROUND: HERE IS A PICTURE OF KENNETH THORNTON PITTSBURGH PA 412-657-8309 HERE IS A PICTURE OF HIS BODY SHOWING HIS TATTOOS. CHINEASE LETTERING

Tags: Dog Breeders

Address: CROSSES

Website: 1218 thelma st pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA