This person is using a PayPal account which is fraudulent. He found our ad on Craigslist in Phoenix Arizona and sent a text message saying he was out of state but interested in purchasing our cattle. We received emails from the PayPal address above stating that 1,000 dollars extra was added and being held for the carrier. In order to release the funds into the account we had to send a money gram to Kenny Robert, via WalMart. It was picked up at 4700 135 St, Crestwood, Illinois. The money was never transferred as there was never any money being held. We were then asked to send and additional 1500 dollars for insurance which we did not do. I finally contacted our PayPal account and found out this was a bogus account and we were scammed. We filed a report with, a police report with the Pinal County Sherriff’s office, and now with you.