Complaint: This breeder sold me a female puppy with several potentially LETHAL congenital anomalies though she knew or at the very least should have known about them. When I received the puppy, I immediately noticed that she had cloudy eyes and that her lips did not cover her gums even when her mouth was closed. These abnormalities were plainly visible even to a person with no veterinary experience like me. Three hours after receiving the puppy, I took her to the primary vet who confirmed that she had a mouth/teeth malformation and an eye problem. The vet then advised me to take the puppy to an ophthalmologist, who diagnosed her with congenital corneal abnormalities and absence of lacrimal glands. The doctor told me that my puppy could become BLIND. The breeder should have known about these plainly visible problems. In fact, though she was well aware of a separate non-lethal defect in the puppyu2019s tail, she did not disclose that defect to me prior to selling the puppy. Clearly, her actions were dishonest, fraudulent and negligent. Once I learned about these problems, I called the breeder and requested to return the puppy. At this point, I was understandably upset and saddened about the puppyu2019s health. Yet, she was very disrespectful and dismissive over the phone. She refused to cover the shipping costs to send the puppy back and also initially declined to refund any of the incidental costs of the original purchase, which included shipping and a crate charge (she later agreed to only a partial refund of these charges). She said that, if I could not afford to send the puppy back, I should find another home for her in the state where I lived. All this despite KNOWING AND FAILING TO DISCLOSE at least one defect in the puppy, and despite the fact that she should have known about other plainly visible and very serious defects. Since shipping the puppy back to the breeder was too expensive and finding another home for her would be virtually impossible based on her health problems, I decided to keep the puppy and give her the best care I could. But, about ten days later, the puppy developed difficulty moving her hind legs and became very lethargic. I took the puppy to the primary vet again, and this time the vet made an immediate referral to an orthopedic specialist. The orthopedist ran x-rays and diagnosed her with a severe congenital vertebral malformation that would soon lead to paralysis, inability to control bladder and bowel function which would lead to frequent severe infections, and chronic pain. The orthopedist told me that the puppy would endure significant pain and suffering due to these issues, and, after further discussion with the doctor, I decided that HUMANE EUTHANASIA was the most reasonable approach. I can assure you this was one of the most painful decisions I have made. The breederu2019s dishonesty and negligence has caused me terrible emotional harm, and cost me more than $600 in vet bills, apart from the only partial refund of incidental costs from the original purchase. I have all the vet reports proving what is described here, and have lodged complaint with the Australian Labradoodle Club of America (ALCA). I decided to share this story because I do not want anybody to go through an experience like this with this breeder.

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