Kerri Gay is a homewrecker. She has taken my friends husband. It started out that her husband was supposedly cheating on her so she had my friend spy on him and try catching him in the act. Well, my friend found some dirt and reported it to Kerri. Helped her out tremendously. Well, Kerri Gay then turns around and steals my friends husband out from under her feet! Even after all she had done to help her! Even after she had just lost her husband. She has no respect. Kerri Gay went to the extreme of leaving her children home alone at young ages to sneak away with my friends husband, and even ditched her kids! Now she is running around talking smack on my friend. Yet she has the nerve to talk smack about the girl who ended up with her husband? Girl you’re worse, you have no room to speak. Kerri Gay is very manipulative a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Watch out for this one!