they returned my calls but he admitted to it being a scam


My Complaint: i seen a thing on kerstin rene’a lively facebook page about fast cash i went to school with her so i figured i could trust her. so i emailed her and she refereed me to a guy named kevin waters and gave me his number and so i called him. he answered and said who is this so i told him my name and he asked me if kerstin had referred me and i told him yes he told me that he was a manager at the card company and that for every additional zero he added he charged a thousand dollars to go to walmart and buy a re-loadable card and put 200 dollars on and he would change it to two thousand done that he called back took the card number and said it would take forty min so we waited and called back i sent him a text stating i have a preemie newborn n that was the only money i had to buy his formula and he stated i had nothing to worry about and called back told me i had been scammed but he felt bad and he asked if i wanted to learn how to do it and make good money but i had to leave my heart in my back pocket because i would be scamming a lot of people.


My Demand: attempt to get my money back