I’m not sure where to start. I’m writing this from the child’s point of view, for my mother and my little sister. My mother has been married to my step dad for 8 years this past March. They have known each other since they were teenagers, when both their families were good friends. My mom reconnected with my step dad after 12 years of not talking, and quickly fell in love. About a year later, they were getting married in Albemarle, NC, where the homewrecker lives. Soon after, my baby sister was born. She was the tie that held our family together. My mother had two children from a previous marriage and my step dad had one child with his first wife. For years, our family was good. We had our ups and downs like any family, our trials and struggles, but at the end of the day my parents got through and we were stronger as a family. || About three weeks ago, the day after Mother’s Day, my mother asked my step dad to go stay with a friend for a little while, they needed some time apart to work on their issues and go to marriage counseling together. My parents were very much still together, my stepdad came home every weekend to see my baby sister and my mom and spend time with them. Both of my parents are spiritual people. My stepdad is a member of the Latter Day Saints church and recently joined the Priesthood at his church’s location. My mother and I attend Elevation church in Matthews, NC where she is part of the weekly prayer team. When they decided to take some time apart to figure out how to solve their problems and seek counselling, being faithful was never a question. They weren’t giving up on their marriage. Or so my mother thought. And now my mother is sitting here broken and betrayed by the man who was supposed to be her soulmate, her person, after all that she has been through in life leading up to marrying him. Last night my mother found out he had been unfaithful. He had betrayed her. But my mother didn’t have to face just any homewrecker. Because my mother’s homewrecker is her sister. Kesha Ward is my aunt, my mother’s younger sister. After moving away from Wilmington, NC, our hometown, my mother was there for Kesha anytime she needed help. Kesha has 5 children and every single weekend my mother keeps one of the kids to have a sleepover with my sister to help make things easier on Kesha. And the day my stepdad left the house, he went right to Albemarle to Kesha’s house. They slept together and did not say a word to my mother for weeks. Kesha even went as far as giving my mother advice, telling her to give it time and to work things out with her husband. Never knowing the person who would ruin their marriage beyond any and all repair was her own sister. And now my mother is broken and crushed and Kesha has convinced our family the story isn’t true, that it’s all a lie. || For my mother, and my little sister, who now has to go through what all of her siblings went through, having your parents divorce, Kesha needs to know that what’s done in the dark always comes to light. The Lord knows your heart and your sins, even the ones you refuse to admit out loud. To my stepdad, who thinks there is a way to fix this, I hope you understand what you did to my mother will not break her forever, and she will get through this betrayal and be ever stronger for it.