I am so not happy. I was taken into the store by a friend who recommended this place. I had a gold ring I needed to sell. I personally wanted to go to London Coin Exchange because I trust that company. Anyway – I was offered $60 cash or $250 in store credit. My friend and myself made it quite clear to the Persian lady working there that we were having dire financial times – so if we were going to take $250 in store credit, than we expected the closest amount in whatever inventory they had for sale and value we could get for that. Anyway, the lady ends up finding us a piece of crap jewelry, valued at $99 in their store. She doesn’t mention that it is only $99 in value and that you cannot return the item. The least she could have done was given us two of them or the matching bracelet – that would be nearly $200 and still a nice $50 store credit saved. We are assuming we have something close to $250 in jewelry, what a joke. I found the exact same item on eBay for $14! I was upset. I went back into the store and said you know what – just give me the $60 in cash and I don’t want this 99 cent store jewelry. And they said – “OH NO REFUNDS – STORE CREDIT ONLY”” and of course not store credit of the $250. Now just $99 which proceeded to lead to me a find even fewer choices of more items of cheap crap and no gold of course after they have my gold ring which I wish I had never taken there. So I end up walking out with a pair of Cubic Zirconia Sterling Silver earrings

nobody can even tell me how much actual sterling silver is in there. I looked those up online – yep

same ones

free shipping from China – $3.99. I know $60 (if that was even the real value) is not a huge amount of money

regardless who wants to get ripped off like that!”