Complaint: Beware of contact with African male from Nigeria. Met online on a dating site. He is well spoken through messaging and email.Contacted me, claiming that I was beautiful and a woman that he was looking for. His profile was very nice and appealing, supposedly a computer engineer from Houstin, TX. After just a few inbox messages he knew I was the one for him.He began to tell me of his sick father who needed surgery and started to ask for money from then on. As the days went on the price went up on the money he needed. It went from father being sick with stomach cancer and dying, to mom being depressed and ending up having a stroke, until he himself finally was getting sick with malaria.While going through all these things, the hotel wanted payment for his stay and he needed money to get back home to Houston, TX. He didnt have any money left and have no family and friends to turn to. He also didnt have access to his bank account and he offered to pay back with intrest when he returned to the states.He was very persistent on getting the money and became angry when I wouldnt help anymore. He sent me documents trying to make the situation look and sound real. He stated that the hotel management seized all his belongings including plane ticket, passport, etc until he can make payment. He has alot of excuses for all the questions I asked and he is slick so ladies beware. Targeting dating sites. He ended with telling me he was going to harm himself if he had to stay in Nigeria so I wouldnt be hearing from him anymore.The name he is going by is Kevin Jila. Email [email protected] 234-802-5978363 phone number

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