I received a letter and a check In the mall for a secret store evaluator work form home position. MY job description was to make purchases at walgreens and walmart, and to purchase four money paks at different locations. I was to deposit the check they sent me into my account, make the purchases, and send them the moneypaks, recipts for all purchases, and an evaluation form of each stores employees. Once I spoke with my representative I deposited the check and made the purchases and sent everything in. Three days later my bank called and said the check was a fraud check, and my account is now overdrawn almost $4000 and will be closed and charged off. I have lost all of my paychecks for the past few weeks as they are direct deposited, and I have to set up payment arrangments to pay off the negative bank account. Now no one from the company is returning my calls. Not only did I lose my own money, but now I owe almost $4000 to my bank because of this scam. All of my automatic payments are being rejected, and I am now behind on all of my bills. I do not know what to do. I demand I want this company shut down and charged with fraud and i want my money back!. Stay away

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