I ordered some pain medication to go along with a wisdom tooth extraction I was having in several weeks. This company advertised to sell 90 vicodin or 30 oxycontin for 36.95 plus your shipping and handling. K.E.Z states that the reason it is so cheap is that they get their medication from “mexican pharmacies””. They have you enter in all of your checking acct info this way you can get no refund

like if you had used a credit card. They then tell you to fax a copy of the check to them & your order will be processed in 10 days. nI did all of this

my check was cashed

10 days went by

I had my wisdom teeth removed and… no pain medication! No nothing I have received nothing from this co & have no way to contact them or get my money back. Please do not be tempted they will rip you off! I hope that others can learn from my mistake! nCharvinnnaples