Complaint: On 09/22/2008 my wife and I stopped at this KFC on the way home for 6 original wings and 2 biscuits. The service was adequate. We ordered it takeout. We got home and tried to eat the chicken. It was dried out and tough. It was like jerky. I called the night manager and complained. I was told just like the chicken “tough””. I filed a complaint on their website. The alleged store manager was given my private cell number and called to tell me I could come back and get more chicken. Why would I want to take a chance on more sorry chicken. I told him so. I requested coupons be mailed to my business address. He then called back to tell me to come back and get a refund. Diesel fuel was $4.50 a gallon. My truck gets 7 miles to the gallon. It is a wrecker. With the mileage to the store it would have cost $13.50 in fuel to get a $10.00 refund. This isn’t a reasonable solution. I requested coupons for the value of the chicken again

Tags: Fast Food Restaurants

Address: so I could go to the Millington TN. store or the West Memphis AR. store and get good food. Another KFC store manager explained that the chicken had probably been sitting under the heat lights for a while and was stale. It was 7:50 pm and close to closing time. This is possible The chicken should have been discarded. Or given to one of the many homeless individuals loitering outside. I figure they thought by the time I found out the quality was bad

Website: 200 Danny Thomas Blvd Memphis, Tennessee U.S.A.

Phone: it would be too late for me to do anything. I am still waiting for my coupons. The store at 200 Danny Thomas Blvd in Memphis TN should be avoided at any time. This was my first and last trip to this store. It is no real big deal. I am just tired of getting screwed by sorry business. I have to treat my customers with respect and give quality service. I would like it in return. Ours towing Memphis