Complaint: after seeing past reports on KIA’s I just had to add my input.KIA”s are JUNK!!!!! they are nothing but disposable vehicles

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Address: much like your common cig lighter.Sportages 4×4 inop are due to faulty HUB assy’s..they all suffer piss poor wireing assy ..the grounds all need updateing…KIA can’t even weld..thats why you have recalls..rattles…and leaks at low mileage.sephia’s have faulty front wheel bearings..SEDONA mini-vans are loseing motors now due to tolerances in the main bearings are too tigh.and these things are new to the get what you pay advice is to get out of them..stop supporting a country that has a failing can you expect quality??? as stated before..thats why they are so cheap.that 10/1000


Phone: 000 is LIMITED.ASk a KIA tech on what he thinks..and I will bet he’ll either squirm to save his job..or tell you the you see any TECH’s driveing them???I’m telling you people..stayaway from them..I have vast knowlege on these things..they are bad news Click here to read other Ripoff Scamss on KIA”