Basically has found a loophole in the ebay system where they send a fake item in the wrong size or style and wait for buyer to return it. Then pressure buyer to return with the cheapest postage option available (seamail or airmail both don’t have tracking). When the buyer tries to get their refund and shows proof that the item was posted, with article ID and receipts etc store simply refuses to refund. Buyer files a claim with paypal and either the 45 day time limit has expired or therenis no record the item was returned without the tracking information and so seller keeps the money along with the returned item. Most of the items are around $80 – $200 in value i have lost $134.50 AUD total so far. He simply prolongs contact by saying, we will keep checking for item or just ignoring messages altogether. Five others this month have reported the exact same scam from this seller. Also his contact information is fake, with a phone number that is just 000000000 and address just says derbyshire twice. This is a policy violation on ebay and you can be removed from the site for doing this, sonsellers don’t tend to do it unless they are very inexperienced or hiding information etc.

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